Our Experts

Laura Stevens


Founding matchmaker and CEO, Laura Stevens has long been considered an expert at bringing people together both personally and professionally. Laura is a true Orange County native. Her naturally extroverted personality was perfect for developing a large network of friends, social and business relationships. Her strong instincts and intuition combined with understanding people and their needs, along with obtaining her Masters to become a Personality Typology Expert has been the primary reason why Laura has been so successful for her clients. Her no nonsense, straightforward approach, combined with her ability to introduce people to their perfect match, is reflected in the high success rate of Kingsley Matchmakers.


Peter Hunzicker



Peter comes from a place of integrity, honesty and is persistent to do what he can for his clients. His background as a recruiter for boutique recruiting firms makes him a natural at connecting his matchmaking clients. Peter is an avid student of the principals of good relationship and understands the needs of his clients taking many factors into consideration as he views his matchmaking responsibilities.


Shari Napear


As a senior flight attendant Shari spent many hours learning about people and relationships.  She comes from the heart and has an immediate connection with people. Shari meets people with such grace and ease and she naturally sees the potential of relationships effortlessly. As a master Yogi Shari is a joy to be around as she shares her gifts with all those who come into her world.