orange county vip matchmaking

  • Why hire a matchmaker?

Chemistry is very very important, but it is so hard to see morals and values when you are in the thralls of physical chemistry. We vet out and set up the morals and values upfront.

While online serves a purpose, it is for the masses and you never know who or what type of person you will meet.

Matchmakers are for serious individuals looking for quality and exclusivity. We work much like an executive search firm finding the qualities and values for a great match. We are very good at what we do, and take great pride in representing successful and accomplished people matching them with like-minded individuals.


  • Do you have the quality of clients that I’d be interested in meeting?

Yes we do! We have a very large and diverse client base who reside in Orange County. We match individuals with your preferences and interests. Just as you are looking for a certain qualities in someone, they also are here looking for you.


  • How are my matches selected?

Compatibility and Core Values. At Matchmaking VIP we start with compatibility first and foremost. We look to match you based on similar values , beliefs, lifestyle, and personal goals. We want you to have a solid foundation going into a relationship that goes deeper than just chemistry and attraction. This is paramount for your chances of having the long term, fun and healthy relationship you have been desiring.


  • Do you perform background checks?

We do. Prior to introductions we perform background checks on our clients that shows anything of public record that usually doesn’t show up with a standard internet search.


  • Who arranges the dates?

We do! Kingsley coordinates a convenient time and nice thought out place that works for both of you. You just get to show up and enjoy the evening.


  • What if I meet someone who I want to focus on. Can I put my account on hold?

You may put your account on hold for up to four months as many times as you need.