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Date coaching is a proactive and effective approach to get results for your romantic life.

Kingsley’s no nonsense approach quickly takes you to a solid place for successful dating.

Identifying patterns is first and foremost. When someone becomes aware of what they are doing and why, this is the building block to change those behaviors.

Professionally trained and using proven tools to work with you to create success, we are your champions in developing great dating traits.

We designed an 8 week program specifically designed for busy Orange County professionals. In it you will learn how to:

  • Attract someone worthwhile who wants to be in a relationship!
  • Master the do’s and don’ts of dating etiquette (no more endless post-date self-analysis)!
  • Tell the difference between a healthy compromise and settling!
  • Flirt – become comfortable dating and also how to manage rejection! (we all get rejected)
  • Overcome anxiety and confidently move forward without second guesses!
  • Manage expectations for a first date including how to be a good date!
  • Ask the right questions to determine if you are truly compatible with someone!
  • Gracefully decline a second date.
  • Learn from a bad past experience and let it go!
  • Communicate your feelings about sex, commitment and exclusivity!
  • Make the decision to stay or leave!
  • Rewrite rejection so that you recover and move on quickly and positively!
  • Approach dating with more positivity and have more fun!
  • Understand the opposite sex
  • And much, much, more!

A big bonus for our date coaching clients since we are a matchmaking service, we add our date coaching clients to our VIP list for matchmaking, where we comb our portfolio and the clients of our matchmaking alliance network to assure the best outcome for our date coaching clients.