Hmmm speed dating? Deciding on dating someone by looking at pictures and an autobiography that is subjectively based that may or may not be true? Hanging out at meat market bars? Living with the expectation that “if it’s meant to be, it will just happen?”  How many years have gone by doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?

Many singles want to have it all without being it all themselves. So many people have a quality and lifestyle list that focuses on the wrong things. Things that are setting themselves up not to find what is really important or a list so ridiculously unrealistic, it is impractical to fill!

In a world where people want everything known right away, (I want it and I want it now!!) isn’t it better to linger to know someone in depth rather than to dismiss someone too quickly?  Through our years of working and observing relationship development, one of the major drawbacks we witness is individuals looking for what is negative about a person’s personality (and trust us, you will find it)  rather than seeing what is good and quality about the person and then coming to a quick conclusion before really getting to know that person. This phenomenon is becoming much more the norm with having a lot more dating choices online but to what avail?

It works for someone who really doesn’t want a truly satisfying relationship, but for those who do read on:

During our initial consultation, we determine the foundational elements that make for lasting and happy LTRs  such as core values, family background, religious or spiritual foundation, world views and agreement that make you you, so we can establish the true and important base for matching..

Together we determine if working with a matchmaker is right for you.

While a personalized matchmaking experience is not the least expensive way to meet your future partner, it is an investment that has serious advantages over all others. We are your resource for that special and successful relationship!